Gyro affected by 10 point bar

Is a gyro affected by the robot going over the starting bar?

Edit: I meant 5 point bar, the smaller 1.13 inch bar
Edit: Well apparently it’s called the Starting Bar

It should be - vibration…

The 10 point bar is what separates the 20 pt and 10 pt zone. The 5 point bar is what separates the 10 pt and 5 pt zone. Make sure to know the difference so it can be easily understandable by all people :slight_smile:

@[TVA]Connor sorry i didnt know.

@lacsap so should i recalibrate gyro after the robot goes over the bar?

The 20 Point Zone Bar separates the 10 Point Zone and 20 Point Zone.

The Starting Bar separates the 5 Point Zone and 10 Point Zone.

NO!!! That requires the robot sitting still for a while (a couple seconds), at a time when it might well get bumped by other robots, potentially messing it up much worse. Just read the new value afterward and use it as a reference, or set the value to what you want it to be. This latter is not the same as recalibrating the gyro. Then rotate from there.

Mentioning just in case since it hasn’t been specifically mentioned yet: Hitting the 20 point bar while scoring would likely align you, which is why it’s a good re reference point.

The names of the bars are confusing. Easy names I can think of right now (which includes the official names):
The small bar, the starting bar, the one you go over
The big bar, the 20 point bar, the one you don’t go over

Oh… My apologies then. I thought it would’ve been considered the 10 point bar mainly because of the fact that if the mobile goal is resting in both the 10 point zone and it touching the large pipe, it is still considered 10 points. Also, this as well:

@Joshua_84927A my apologies, I didn’t know about this:

Welp… The more you know :slight_smile:
Thank you

Gosh the wording in this game makes things so weird…

Couple things to consider with the gyro and bumps.

Don’t use the gyro to steer the robot while you are actually driving over the bars. The jolt of striking the bar will jostle they gyro causing it to return bad values and direct the robot to make sharp turns in random directions. Because you are driving over the bar some of the wheels may not be contacting the ground. Results will be unpredictable. The robot might tip or get stuck between the bars, but it probably won’t go where you wanted it to. Instead of using the gyro, just go full speed ahead when driving over the bars, then backout at full speed.

After you hit the bump the gyro may have drifted and may need to be reset. Then again it might not. A couple of our teams are using gyros and neither needed to reset their gyro after going over the bumps. As others have mentioned resetting is not the same as a full calibration. The code for resetting the gyro looks something like this: “SensorValue[GyroSensor] = 0;” No need to wait at all after executing this command. However, the gyro will have a new zero degrees position which all subsequent readings will be derived from. So you want your robot to be in a very predictable position when you reset the gyro.