Gyro Calibration VS Setting gyro reading to 0

Is calibrating the gyro in VexCode Blocks the same as setting the gyro heading/reading to 0?

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yes sort of calibration is setting up the gyro and you must do it before you can just set it to 0 whist it is already set to 0


Calibration is a time that the gyro looks at its reading to determine what it senses “stillness” is.

Every time a program is started that uses a gyro, it automatically takes a small amount of time to sense stillness. If the robot is being moved during this startup, the gyro will think that the movement is what stillness is, then when the robot is actually still, the gyro will be ever changing.

To improve the quality of the calibration, you can program it to do a longer calibration. Also, the robot needs to be still during that calibration time for it to be accurate.

Setting the heading/rotation to zero just redefines where the zero heading/rotation point is. This take almost zero time so it can be done during a match (like when the robot squares off against a wall). Calibration should always be done before the match starts.


The Gen 1 Brain code allows for programming longer calibration times. The Gen 2 Brain does not. Is there any advantage adding a Wait command for a few extra seconds following a Calibrate BrainInertial command?