Gyro Calibration

My team is looking into the gyro sensor for the states competition. I was just wondering if it’s possible to calibrate the sensor before the match maybe through a LCD input?

this way we can maximize our time in autonomous

If you are using the gyro in the standard way, as a VEX gyro sensor, you should just put the 1.5-2 second gyro calibration in the pre autonomous task. Then, it will be ready for when autonomous starts.

You should never need any kind of input to the device, so LCD input doesn’t help or matter. Unless you mean something I don’t understand.

I would just put the gyro initialization in the pre_auton task. This way as soon as your remote connects to your cortex the gyro will immediately initialize.

I would not expect that this is going to give you plug-and-play functionality. You need to understand how your component works on your robot with a bunch of testing for drift, etc. And yeah, I wrote an article about that.

While those things would definitely improve accuracy and performance, my team has used a gyroscope without much testing and things like that. Drift is not much of an issue and we’ve been able to get very accurate turns. However, I’ve read your article in the past and those things definitely give you more accuracy.