Gyro Counting issue

Our gyro keeps counting up by .2 increments very fast and we can not get it to stop and read the value of the gyro tried a different wire, is the Gyro bad?

I have had this issue before, try changing the wire to as short of one as you can, make sure there are no other wires around it’s wire when possible.

Are the increments consistent? There may be a Gyro drift

I don’t think he is talking about drift I have had the very same issue before and changing the wires around fixed it.

yes but even when we connect to the robot and run the program on robot mesh it wont stop counting and we have the shortest wire possible and there are also no wires around it

I have already tried that, it makes it worse

Try changing the port, if that doesn’t work use a different wire.

Don’t touch the robot when you boot up the robot for like a second. Also try having a delay after the gyro constructor call (2 to 5 seconds).

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we actually had this problem XD. the cause was a flipped wire. check not just at the gyro, but at the brain