Gyro counting up

So me and my team recently got the gyro and after we calibrated it and put it on the bot and looked at the values. The values are counting up and they dont stop. Any suggestions.

Thanks in advance!!

You may want to calibrate the gyro each time you start up the robot. Try having it calibrated before auton, and make sure the robot is still when that happens. The values will constantly go up if the robot isn’t completely still during the calibration process.

How do you calibrate the gyro?

Instantiate it or use the calibration method. The gyro will calibrate when the robot starts up unless you do something weird.

What programming language are you using?

I am using pros and c

Is this how you calibrate a gyro because i have this in the beginning of the code i use it

adi_gyro_t gyro = adi_gyro_init(4, 1); //0.985186