Gyro Endless Climbing Forever

Hi all,

My team recently put a new gyro sensor on the robot, and we are testing it, but the sensor value seems to be climbing upward for the rest of eternity. Any ideas on how to fix this!!! We’re up to 1070 now…and it started climbing from 1, and the robot hasn’t been moved at all…It’s just climbing…forever…



Gyros will “drift” (their values will change) even while setting still. Various things affect how fast they drift. I’ve heard they are reliable usually only for about 20-30 seconds, and then you need to re-zero them somehow, resetting them to a known orientation, like when a bumper switch hits a wall or something.

Maybe have a look at the following:

I’ve seen this issue. Whilst I am not sure what ultimately caused it, a different analogue port solved the problem.