Gyro Help

I am trying to use the gyro to make accurate turns this year. I have a potentiometer on my robot though, and whenever the potentiometer value changes from where it started when the program started the gyro value changes. Any ideas?

There is something called gyro drift. Whatever is causing the potentiometer’s value to change is likely interfering with the gyro’s reading. Are there any vibrations in the robot when the potentiometer value changes: i.e. if you’re using a potentiometer to measure the angle of a tilter, when the tilter moves it likely produces small vibrations also causing your gyro value to change.

If this isn’t a mechanical issue, then I have no idea. Try a different gyro.

I am using both sensors detached from the robot, but the rate of change is consistent no matter how I turn the potentiometer.

Disconnect one of the sensors from the brain and read the value. Do the same for the other. Note, you’ll have to manually code an output value onto the brain screen. The built in value reader is pretty bad if you aren’t reading the IME values.