Gyro is not detected and color sensor 12C error detected

Hi all,

My gyro is not detected at all by my VEXIQ brain. I realized this when I tried updating the VEXOS. I tried connecting it to the #1 port of the brain with all the other sensors disconnected but it didn’t detect the gyro.

Then my color sensor got a 12C error today. I tried also connecting it to the #1 port of the brain all by itself but it still gave a 12C error.

Are both my sensors broken?

Thanks in advance!

I doubt they are broken. We have seen this issue on motors and sensors over the past few weeks with our bots and other teams bots. We threw a few motors away at a competition because we believed they were broken, but when I got back that evening we figured out how to fix the ongoing problem. Vex seems to think we are made of money.
In my opinion, the new VexOS is really screwing things up. Try placing them on port 1,4,7,10 one at a time with VexOS until one of them works with no other sensors or motors attached.
If it doesn’t work, whatever you do, do not throw them away. Start shipping them back to Vex for replacement. Maybe if they start getting enough of these they will pay attention to fixing the software bug.

I am having the same problem. None of my 6 gyros work now. I can’t find a way to re-flash the devices. Any ideas?

When I had troubles with devices not reporting properly and not flashing, what helped to some extent was to plug a working device of given kind into port1, letting the updater detect it, then replacing it with the broken one and force-flashing it. It may no longer be possible with the new VexOS update utility though.
When this didn’t work, I had a more involved setup with a spliced VEX cable so I could observe the I2C communication and force the I2C_EN signal low to trigger re-enumeration.
The last step is opening the device in question and flashing the firmware directly using the MSP-Launchpad kit, but that’s more for testing, since the device enclosures are ultrasonic-welded and you have to destroy the enclosure to actually open them.

But contrary to the TriDragon’s conspiracy theory, I have had the best experience with VEX support - they always replaced any non-functional devices free upon presenting proof of purchase, so IMHO it’s VEX who is bleeding for broken parts…