Gyro Issues

Hi everyone,
We are working on autonomous currently and are experiencing some major issues with our gyro. These issues have been appearing intermittently for the past several months now and we hope to find a way to get them to stop.

  1. Occasionally, the gyro will start counting up by massive amounts even the robot is not moving.
  2. The gyro measures very inconsistently (a 90 degree turn sometimes reads 45 degrees in the gyro).
  3. There is a lot of drift

I am also wondering whether it matters how high the gyro is from the ground. I

I know there are ways to reduce drift such as putting it on rubber links, but what are some others?

Am I initializing the gyro the correct way? The gyro is first initialized in the pre-auton, and just for testing purposes right now, it also initializes right right before the autonomous code begins. (It is actually part of the autonomous before I begin to call any functions).

SensorType[gyroscope] = sensorNone;
		SensorType[gyroscope] = sensorGyro;

Thank you all very much.

Where do you have the gyro mounted? Is the cable well secured? Perhaps post a photo.

Sorry for the late replay. I have attached a picture to this post of the gyro. The cable is well secured ( the wire isn’t in the robot in the pic I just took though. We were just rewiring). Picture