Gyro Sensor affecting movement

We are new to VEX IQ & Graphical RobotC. We want to try to use the Gyro Sensor & Color Sensor to program the robot to follow a black line down to the ring tray. We believe we now how to program it, but we’re having a problem getting the gyro sensor to recognize all of the motors involved in the movement of the robot. One set of tires works, but the other set doesn’t work when the gyro sensor is plugged in. So we know it has something to do with the gyro sensor.

If I understand correctly, when you plug in the gyro, your robot struggles with some motors. Is that right?
Can you try “Device Info” and verify whether the brain sees all the devices in all the ports properly? Once without gyro and once with the gyro connected?
If you see some discrepancies, you might have troubles with gyro firmware. In such a case, disconnect everything but the gyro and use the firmware update tool to fix the gyro firmware.

The brain was seeing devices in the wrong ports, co updating the gyro firmware worked. Thank you!
Now we just have to figure out how to program it.

The brain was not seeing the devices in the correct ports, so updating the gyro firmware did the trick. Thank you!
Now we just have to figure out how to program it using the gyro.