Gyro Sensor Indicator Flashing on VEX IQ - Brain stuck

One of my VEX IQ brain’s screens is stuck and showing a flashing line on the screen next to the gyro sensor. The other sensors don’t have a flashing line. We even disconnected the Gyro, so it is not even connected to the brain now. But the brain is stuck on this screen and can’t do anything more. Why is this happening? I tried to erase everything from the brain and reset the brain, but nothing. Please help. Thank you.

That sounds like the screen indicating the sensor needs an update. Is this a generation 1 IQ brain ?
Pull the battery from the brain and try again, if it keeps happening when the gyro is plugged in, it may be a bad gyro or one that needs firmware reloading using the VEX IQ vexos utility.


Do you mean the brain’s firmware might need updating? We did it recently, but I guess we could check for new updates. But why won’t the flashing indicator go away when the gyro is disconnected?

Perhaps post a photo showing what you are seeing so there’s no misunderstanding on my part.


It sounds like you are seeing the Missing Device screen. The flashing line is a picture of a VEX IQ smart cable connector and this indicates that in VEXcode, you have configured a Gyro in this port, but the Brain is not detecting that there is one there.


Yes calvc01, that is the screen. The only one showing the flashing cable connector is Gyro on my brain. Whether the Gyro is connected or not. Why is this happening? How can I fix this?

Remove the gyro from your code


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