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Is there a way continuously display/print gyro values using blocks?

Yes, the left example is using the gyro as part of a Drivetrain configuration and the right example is using a standalone gyro.


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Calvc01, thanks for the quick explanation and examples - appreciated. Could you explain why the correct value is returned when the ‘set cursor to row …’ block is included in the sequence?

The IQ display has 5 rows and 21 columns (if my memory serves correctly) that you can print to. So, 1,1 is basically the top left. Try playing around with the values to see how it moves where the text is printed on the screen, for example 3,10 would see it printed more centrally.
Because we are clearing the row at the end, you probably don’t actually need to tell it to print at 1,1 every time because i guess it will start back there by default, you’d have to have a play to see.

The short wait 0.1 seconds is important because the display takes longer to render than it does to clear so if you miss this out, you might never see anything on the display because it is cleared before the text has a chance to appear. Finally, we clear the row rather than just print over the top of the old text. For example, if the last thing we showed was 359 and the next thing shown was 1, you would actually see 159 on the screen because the 5 and 9 of 359 would not get overwritten.

Note - the example on the right is actually wrong for the very reason I state above - the display is never cleared. Apologies for that confusion.


Thank you for the helpful explanation - appreciated.


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