Gyro Sensor

Hello again, we are having problems with our gyro sensor. When we use it, it just starts spinning in circles when we move it. We’ve tried rebooting the brain. It’s up to date on 1.08 and it still does this. ( we have the claw bot) :frowning:

it glitched and posted 2, sorry!

I know we had that problem originally too. We used RobotC and copied the default code. After we changed, let’s say to turn left 90 instead of right, the greater than to a less than and the 90 to a -90, it worked fine.

I think there’s an error in the Gyro sensor API function getGyroRate or in the documentation.

In fact the rate values returned by the gyro are not in deg/s and strongly depend on the gyro sensitivity setting.
Any detail on this sensitivity and how it affects the rate value?



This was a bug in the RobotC implementation that will be fixed in their next release.


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