Gyro spinning nonstop in auton

Hi, for some reasons, the gyro keeps spinning nonstop regardless of how long we wait in preauton. This only applies to the macbook i am currently using but not for another windows operating device.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Can you send the code to us?

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Make sure to use code tags by surrounding your code in ` marks.
It’s below the tilde (~) on your keyboard

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Also, if you’re having problems with the newest Macbook release, Monterey, downgrade to Big Sur if you don’t want to take the time to make it run correctly. It seems to cause problems with Vexcode (ie; not compiling/opening application)

Your windows version of vexcode could be different than your Mac version, try making sure they’re the same.
Your code may also be different from machine to machine, make copies of both and run them on the opposite system.