Gyro Stabalization Help

I have a pretty basic bot (Imagine a clawbot but a platform instead of a claw) that I’m attempting to use a code that would allow the platform portion to essentially act as a tank gun stabilizer, keeping it at a level position while i move the entire arm up and down. I have been trying to use a gyro but cannot figure it out, so have made a makeshift code:
int main() {
I’m still pretty new to using text code so any help would be appreciated.

Just build a 4bar

Was going to, but we don’t have enough time or resources anymore.

Could you send a picture if the end of your 2 bar?

Yes, next time i have it I’ll take a photo

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Where is the gyro?

Instead of a gyro, try to make a 4 bar lift. It will accomplish the same task without using a gyro. Here is a vexforum post explaining them: How to make a four bar lift


You can’t see it in this photo sorry, but it’s on the left side of the hand covered by the motor and wheel

I am not near a computer right now, I will give you some examples when i am.

Which ones are motor 3, 6, and 9?
Which motor is attached to the tilting gear on the platform

Motor 6 is the hand, the other two are to lift the arm

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