gyro turning

hello! i have a question on how to make my robot turn left using the gyro. i have the code to make it turn right using the gyro but im having trouble making it turn the other way .
here is my code im using robotc

task main()
//Completely clear out any previous sensor readings by setting the port to “sensorNone”
SensorType[in8] = sensorNone;
//Reconfigure Analog Port 8 as a Gyro sensor and allow time for ROBOTC to calibrate it
SensorType[in8] = sensorGyro;

//Adjust SensorScale to correct the scaling for your gyro
//SensorScale[in8] = 260;
//Adjust SensorFullCount to set the “rollover” point. A value of 3600 sets the rollover point to +/-3600
//SensorFullCount[in8] = 3600;

//Specify the number of degrees for the robot to turn (1 degree = 10, or 900 = 90 degrees)
//change degrees 10 = 1 degree
int degrees10 = 900;

//While the absolute value of the gyro is less than the desired rotation…
while(abs(SensorValue[in8]) < degrees10)
//…continue turning
motor[rightMotor] = 50;
motor[leftMotor] = -50;

//Brief brake to stop some drift
motor[rightMotor] = -5;
motor[leftMotor] = 5;

I’m just reposting your question here but adding the code tags to make it a little easier to read.
Now that I’ve looked at it, what exactly is happening? Is it turning too much, too little, or does it not move at all?

thank you for helping but i have figured it out. i just needed to add the other motors on the other side of the bot so it can turn the other way.