Gyro Value Increasing

I’m using the old yaw rate gyro sensor, and I’m displaying the value of the gyro on to the brain. However, for some reason, the value immediately skyrockets, without the bot moving at all. The value continues to increase and doesn’t stop. My code only gets the value and displays it. Im wondering whether there is a problem with my code or my gyro. Anything would help.

Did you calibrate it before you put it on the screen and waited for it to calibrate correctly?

yeah I gave it 3 seconds

Maybe post your code?




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Where are you calibrating this?

Im not actually sure how to specifically calibrate it, but however I was told to wait 3 or 4 seconds before activating any gyro code

I use this to calibrate my Inertials, not sure if it will be the same with the old Gyros though


This is in VEXCode and I am not sure if it will work with PROS.

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When you say skyrockets, what values does it go to? (Say, after 1, 5, and 10 seconds if that data is available.)

like up to 1000 in like 15 seconds

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Alright, I definitely think it’s a gyro issue, your code looks fine and 100 degrees (.1 scale factor) is too much to be a slight drift. I suppose if you had another gyro you’d probably have tried it already but I do think it’s an issue with your sensor.


If your sensor is mounted to your robot I would suggest taking it off of the robot and repeating the test. If you get similar results then yeah I agree that it’s probably a hardware malfunction with the gyroscope.

Make sure the gyro connector is fully plugged into the V5 brain.
Make sure the connector on the gyro is the correct orientation.
Check the gyro in the dashboard, change the three wire port to analog input, it should read somewhere around 1850 when stationary.