Gyroscope giving wrong angle after reboot and battery change - need troubleshooting steps

Hello Community,

Recently the Gyroscope is acting strange . After executing 90 heading turn the gyro rotates complete 360 as the gyro device info is suggesting that real 90 turn is approx 15 angle turn and then keep on changing values for rate, angle and turns even if the robot is not moved. This is not the study drift issue as the numbers are changing much faster and even after changing the position ( always horizontal) the issues comes on random but mostly after battery change and reboot? The vexos is updated and forced updated but did not help and calibrate controller . Current version is 2.1.5 looking forward for some good advise to correct it.

As always with code questions, seeing the source code makes getting good answers much faster.


video for Gyro

The probelm happens after rebooting or changing the battery. Before even a code is run the Gyro is showing only 0 when robot is rotated ( hanged) or drifting too fast or chnaging at 13 -15 degree for 90 degree. Does it mean the Gyro is having a issue and how to troubleshoot it. Gyro position is flat and it takes hit and trial to have this working. IMG_2057