Gyroscope help on vex IQ

Does any body know the function of a Gyro scope sensor for VEX IQ? Like I know what it is but how to i use it in code?

Sensors provide values. You can compare them to other values to make decisions or do math with them.


The gyro readings tell you which way you are headed. For example, you can tell the bot to turn to 90 degrees. The gyro will tell you what your heading is, and you can use this information to tell you when you have reached the desired heading.

I use gyro readings frequently when I am coding using IQ Blocks. Look at the examples provided by Vex to get an idea of how the gyro is controlled, and how the readings are used.


Could you explain the difference between
Turn to heading and Turn to rotation?

P.S. If it possible, with example please.

Thank you!

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