Gyroscope Model

After searching the forums (and Google), I can’t seem to find a model of the gyroscope. Does anybody have a model or knows where to find it?

Thanks in advance.

its the tilt sensor

Are you looking for a CAD/.STEP file of the gyroscopic sensor? As far as I know, there is none. I was planning on trying to modify the accelerometer’s CAD file to make one.


OK, thanks. I was using that accelerometer temporarily in place of the gyro.

P.S. great work you have with your library, thanks

Still couldn’t find it

You are welcome! And thank you, as well. I have a bunch of things I still have to release from it, but I was hoping to finish those folders of parts first … bleh. I’m so backed up with everything, but I’m hoping I might have some time to finish that library.