gyroscope outputting in 70 deg increments instead of 90? please help

when i turn the robot 360 deg it outputs 2800. i dont know why but its messing up my cartesion coordinates bad. whats really weird is when i converted it, it seemed like it was still accurate, but now when i go over 2800 the converted amount goes over 360. so when the gyroscope gets to 3600 and sets to zero it its at a 90 deg over turn but it thinks its at zero degrees. why is it doing this? i even used the calibration from the sample programs but to nothing still.

Post the code you are using.

Ill have to post it tomorrow, i dont have access to my code right now. I made it display the direct value to the lcd display and looked in the debugging and they both said the same thing. I even set it to a float and integer and displayed them. They all say the same thing. I copied the cope from the sample and still.

Li really dont think its the code since i used the sample program.