Gyrosensor Autonomous

This is the question about hot to use gyro in Robot c in auto mode, i used the easyc v5 to try it before , but it seems that easy c cant do that i try out to use the robot c, but it seems too new for me.i ll appreciate that if u can help me.
i want to know how to write a program like this.this is the plan here.e.g.
1.go forward with port[1,2,9,10] motors for 2sec
3.lift the arm with port [3,4,5] motors for 1 sec
4.put it down and stop
5.left turn 90 degrees with gyro
7.go forward 1sec
9.right turn 90 degrees with gyro

I already answered this privately for you, it also looks like the community gave you some help here.