H Drive Code

Hello, I was wondering if Someone could help me with some code. I want a holonomic drive with a H Base. Its a basic set up with 5 omni wheels. I want the drive to be controlled by the left joystick and turning to be handed my moving the right joystick to the left/right. I’m using th V5 Coding software. Any ideas?

Take a standard hybrid drive code and add your 5th motor to have it’s velocity set to axis 3

Could you please elaborate on that. What type of hybrid drive code?

Have you Made a drivecode in the vexcode software before?

yes, all types of drive trains, Arcade, left/right arcade, tank, and a drive train for mecanum wheels. I’m just not sure what you terminology is (hybrid) perhaps is that something i know just said differently.

Hybrid drive is front/back on one jostick and left/right on the other
Arcade is it all on one
Tank is tank

Oh got it! that is what i call Left arcade steering. or right arcade. The name depends on what joystick has the y-axis controls.

So i can just take that ad add the 5 motor to axis 3?

this is roughly how i’d do it, although for you the +'s and the -'s might need to be swapped

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