H-Drive Issue

it definitely doesn’t have enough traction, and as other said it looks like it’s because it’s not close enough to the floor

the omni one or the traction one?

another issue…your wheels are all canti’d. dunno if this is normal in iq or not, but it’s bad practice in vrc. it might not make a difference for the 4 main wheels, but it’d definitely make a difference for the strafe one

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All 5 wheels should be omni wheels. The traction wheels will provide way too much drag when trying to move sideways.


You have a few main issues.
One - all the wheels need to be omnis. The traction wheels won’t strafe as they have lots of…traction.

Second is there is no weight over the strafe wheel, so it’ll not have much grip. Even if all your wheels were omnis, it would arc rather than strafe.

Edit: sniped by @holbrook :rofl:


what does that mean?

They are only supported on one side.

cantilevered; it means they’re supported on only one side. in vex context, something being canti’d means that you should probably add another channel with a second bearing to support the axle (since you’re in iq and don’t have bearings you can just put a second channel)


Hol’up, all 5 wheels should be omni wheels or else the 1 wheel won’t supply enough force to strafe the bot


Right. Traction wheels don’t slide sideways. It you want h-drive, every wheel must be omni. It’s not that it won’t have enough force, it’s just that tire have incredible amounts of horizontal resistance. This is also why some bots with all tires struggle to turn.


ok well i will have to wait till later this week to get more omni wheels