Hai Sing Catholic School Robot

Hi , im representing team 8066/8065 coming from the school Hai Sing Catholic School located in Singapore. Some of you may have saw our robot but nevertheless here it is

Basic Spec:
2 motor for intake roller
2 motor for scissor lift
6 motor for the base
4 pneumatic pistons

Last but not least , we will be taking part in Asia Pacific Vex Competition in Macau . If you would want to know more about our design , feel free to come down to our booth to check our robots out ! Wishing all the participants that are going Macau , good luck and have fun!
See you there !

That scissor lift looks nice, especially since you’re only using two motors. Is there any chance you’d post some pictures?

Very nice robot.

You gear ratio looks like 7:1. Is the lift assisted by pneumatics?

For those who are not well acquainted with 8065/8066, they are the Middle School World Champion for the past 2 seasons.

They can build really good and efficient robots.

And do bear in mind that the robots that you saw in the video was built for Singapore Vex Championship, which means in mid-July this year, or just barely 2 months into the new season.

If you look closely , there are tons of rubber band assisting the lift. I would try to get some pictures for you but it will not be so soon as the team is currently in Macau.

Thank you , we have spent a lot of time modifying and designing it !
Yes the gear ratio is 1:7 . Yes the lift is assisted by pneumatics and latex for the first 1-2 inch . We also use the same pneumatics to cross over the hump so that our intake does not hit the hump.

Real good work.

That was why I noticed that your from intake was quite high it cross over the bump.

How is Asia-Pacific going right now?

Im currently not with the team right now . From what i heard , the competition venue had technical difficulties and started the whole event late so im not sure what is going on right now .

Do they have any webcast/live streams?

Sorry for the late reply but i dont think there is any live stream.

Do you have any other pictures or videos of your robot?