Half C Lift

What if you were to use half c channel so that you could run a 2 motor lift but still have it run turbo? This would allow you to dedicate two more motors to drive and turbo it too, and that would be, put simply, epic.

lol gud one, it snaps

Not true.
May not be dr4b, but lifting system has been successfully done before with half c.

I’m currently working on a 2 motor DR4B and for a lot of it I’m using half C. I’m sticking with 2 wide for the parts that are directly connected to the gears and have the most weight on it.

Can you describe or post pictures of ways you have reinforced these half cut bars so they dont snap?

We just cut some l bar ourselves and testing it I’m pretty certain it wouldn’t snap anyways, I’ve done a little bit of stress testing.

Well… as I said, it may not be a dr4b, but there were many lift systems that we had built with half-c.
I couldn’t find any pics for 6-bar (it was so Long ago), but the link was the reveal of our singvex skyrise robot - using half-c for half of the elevator lift system. It is not obvious in the video, that’s because my guys hid it well.


The bracing for half-c is not different from a normal c.

I know @antichamber’s vid said he snapped his, but we have a 1x1x25 L-channel dr4b that has yet to experience any issues.

Fingers crossed, knock wood. Lol