Half court robo shot

So for my school challenge i have to do the following:
Part 1: Program your robot to use the buttons on the back of the
Remote Control to pick up a ball at half court and shoot it from there
into the goal (a basket roughly 1 feet tall). Remote Control must be used to accomplish this task.
What is my actual physical robot build supposed to be like?

If you’re using a basketball, a double flywheel is probably the way to go. Check out robots from FRC’s Rebound Rumble for their designs.
If you’re not using a basketball, what is the ball made of? Is it hard or squishy? How heavy is it?

You’re shooting insanely far and hitting I think a pretty small target so if you build a double flywheel, make sure to code an accurate PID loop or some equivalent to keep the sides lined up at the same speed and be careful… you’re going to have to get those wheels spinning like mad… i would try building the launcher first with as many motors as it needs and then have like 2 motors on the base and 1 or 2 on the intake…

I think that a catapult would be easier and more efficient for a ball that size. It is easier to tune and it relies solely on build quality, instead of build quality and good code. The only thing you would probably have to worry about is tipping as the ball will probably weigh quite a bit. Any size restrictions?

Would need size and weight constraints of all elements in play.

If you’re shooting a basketball that far, as has been assumed above, VEX parts will definitely not suffice. If it’s something smaller, you should say that.

The ball is pretty squishy about 3" in diameter

In case both a catapult or a flywheel would work, but I stick with my original suggestion as it will be easier to build/code.

In that case, a catapult for sure. Flywheels require very high build quality and time to tune in comparison to a catapult.