Half of Vex IQ Kits - Would you make a suggestion?

Hi all,

I’m new to Vex and was only able to get enough kits for one class.

I thought maybe I could split the parts up so that all of the students can get access until I get another set of kits.

Would anyone be able to make a suggestion(s) as to what I can build, knowing now I won’t be doing the Clawbot with each group (of 2 students).

Thanks :slight_smile:

Are you planning to divide parts within a kit, or increase the number of students per kit? You post reads like you want to take one kit, split the parts in 1/2, and give half to each group. That doesn’t seem like a great idea.

I would recommend increasing the number of students per kit. Then, they can still work together to build the clawbot, or other standard robots.


I’ve found a simple robot I can build with only half the parts. Until I get more kits, I need to have split the parts. We’re not going to build the clawbot right away. Seems like an obvious choice out of the box, but want something simpler, so I can focus on small lessons.

Damien’s robot is very cool. He was timing kids at the World Championship last year, and I think my son built it in about 5 minutes. Also, check out his home page, because that link you posted goes to an older version of the robot.


I guess I misunderstood what you are planning to do. So, you have enough robot brains for each group of students, but not enough other parts to build a clawbot? In that case, this should be a good option.


Steve, there is a pic of the score board somewhere…I think your son built it in something like 3.5 minutes…which was the best time during the whole week!

The newer version should be faster to build as well (less parts) :slight_smile: Given you have 4 motors, you could build 2 core robots out of the one kit (except for the VEX-IQ brain which you’ll have to swap over. Here is a link to the score board from the World Champs last year.

Not sure if the VEX-IQ Super-users are going to be at the World Champs this year, but if they are, I’ll see if I can get someone to run the speed building again.


Hi guys, I figured out how to build a 2-wheeled robot, actually borrowed the idea from someone else on the internet. My school agreed to buy me another 10 kits, so I’m off to the races with a proper 4-wheeled machine, ultimately could build the clawbot. For now going to focus on autonomous robots.