Halloween Mummy Robot

This is a robot I modified for Halloween. I used my original tank base that I am planning on attaching a robotic arm to. then i added 2 extra motors for more torque (6 in total now). I mounted a metal beam to the bot that connects to a Halloween decoration with a sensor. When triggered, the eyes glow red and it makes creepy sounds. When the robot moves, it goes off. I cover the bot in black tarp so it wouldn’t be visible at night. Then I taped a candy bowl to the mummy’s arms, counterweighted it with a brick, and presto! The scariest Halloween decoration the poor little kids have ever seen.

My friend and I hid in a car with tinted windows. NOBODY could see us, so whenever somebody walked up to get candy, we began to move the bot towards them! It was a lot scarier at night, but I think we really scared lots of people! A girl and a bunch of little kids screamed and ran away! I felt bad afterwards lol


Thanks for checking this out! :slight_smile:


Great Video… You have any footage from night time?? Also, you could switch the Lights to LED’s and run them off a Vex Battery.