Halloween Projects

post your vex ideas for Halloween here:

My idea…
build a robot that holds the bucket of candy, and when kids come trick or treating, drive the bot around the yard so they cant get at the candy, and a metal “lid” that folds down over the bucket of candy

the problem…
the kids in my neighborhood are very aggressive and will do anything for candy, so i will have to make it strong otherwise they will probably destroy it.

the benefit…
annoy the kids who annoy me with the best candy that the can not get at;
more candy for me

ill post pics when i finish =D

You would have to have one really good set of motors! Trick or Treater’s can run really fast! Your robot would have to be really stable too.

Funny idea though.

your going to want a lot of armour, aggresive kids can do a lot of damage to an unprotected robot!
love the idea, what a trick.

im a trick or treater and i know i would tear that thing apart if it had my favourite candy (id bring a wrench and an allan key as well)

bring where
im gonna be sitting on my couch watching tv
and when kids come just watch out the front window
if anything happens ill just have the wrench and alan key just sitting on a small table beside the front porch
so ill go tighten everything up after every visit =D
just hope those punks dont steal it =(
or completly obliterate it
i just want it to be able to last the whole night (doubt it will)

ok this is officially my vex project since i’m bummed out of QQ. Time to get to the drawing board

why’d you quit Quad Quandary?
are u on a team?

yeah. i live in like irvine, and go to one of the top public high schools in the state (california), and all the asian kids are playing tennis and are completely occupied, and all the white kids do here is surf (or have no interest in robotics). I was in an advanced technology class (that had vex robotics in it), but none of the people in it are interested in competeing.

It’s also a little late, since competition is in a couple months (I heard Early-mid December), and I’ll have too much homework and soccer and i won’t have enough time to compete and go all these places.

Not that I wouldn’t like to compete. I’d love to compete. I just can’t find any team members. I’ll try to get something better organized for next year (maybe start a club at my high school and create several teams, since clubs have to have at least 25 people), raise money, and find more of my friends and classmates to teach robotics to and get ready for the competition.

(One thing i’ve been wanting to master is Solidworks. I have the student edition, but it’s really confusing on how to mate parts).

i use something called blender (www.blender.org) and it works really well, i just wish i could have vex parts for it (blender is free and can use for an unlimited amount of time by the way)

to keep them from steeling it you can put an air horn on it, when it is picked up ittl blow untill they put it down

i was thinking of having some think like a conveyer lift and have the candy dump into kids bags or have them stand on a target with there bags open have like an arm that flings the candy in the bag

It’s sometime in january.

Our school is a month behind because MTV made decided to infiltrate because one of our classmates wanted to learn about robotics.
It was annoying as hell and we are now a month behind because we had to build a robot for a mini competition for the made episode. >.< We had to completely change our design because of time restraints.

I was thinking of making a bat on a string. Hang it from your porch cieling. Let the bat go (with some servo) and watch it swing into kid’s faces. This wouldn’t scare older kids, but it would be funny to watch a 7 year old running away in terror.:slight_smile:

Okay, that’s mean, but still.

It would be cool to have robot with a scissor lift on it and give kids candy but have it where they couldn’t get the reloads. that might be kinda hard

what kinda really sucks, is that i am so close to finishing, but i ran out of metal, and screws
so i ordered a ton of screws and nust and metal hardware and a programing kit on tueday, but i live in ct
and it is shipped from tx
so i wont get it till monday
so ill have to finish the whole thing between monday and tuesday
so itll be ready for wednesday
but hopefully it will come ahead of scedual and come tomorrow

use a clear bucket so they can see the good candy inside but wont be able to get it

lol…thats a great idea…it would be so annoying, put all the good candy at the bottom, or glue it to the bottom so if they get at it… 'what the!? its stuck!)

or just put empty rapers in the bucket
that would really **** um off

I am currently making a sizzor lift for the robot. I started about 1 month ago on this. It’s almost done! Will post pictures.

dangit how do you do the scissor lift?