Halloween Projects

Take a look in the gallery.

I’ll post pictures of it soon.

I saw ltk’s scissor lift but I still didn’t see the mechanism that made it work. Something about a screw?

Edit: Ok, I finally saw the corpral’s image post on scissor lifts, and it’s cleared up my mind a lot. I knew there was a way to use r&p to make it work. thanks.

Its like making a bunch of scissors and putting them together make one with Lego’s or something until you get it. I used rubber bands on mine and made it like a claw, it reaches about 2ft 6in.

P.S. its made out of Lego’s.

Make sure you guys take pictures and post them if anyone uses VEX on Halloween.


I wasnt Able To finish…
The pieces i ordered came, but i ordered the wrong stuff
so i dint have the metal i needed to finish my design…

You can always say “Next Year”

Or you could use it for Christmas instead.

Or instead of the lid
add a ladle
and instead of candy
some eggnog

and it will be able to fill a glass by pressing a button
and itll be on tank treads
so itll make it over all the wrapping paper thrown around