Handwritten Design Journal

Hello all. We recently attended a tournament at which we were told that, not only that we did not win design, but that we were ineligible seeing as our design was a typed document in a three ream binder. In fact, we were told that design journals MUST be handwritten from which no pages can be easily removed. Firstly, is this true? Secondly, if this is true why have I never been informed of it in my last four years of VEX experience?

Thanks in advance,

This is similar to an earlier question https://vexforum.com/t/computer-as-engineering-notebook/38161/1 regarding submission of electronic notebooks.

Judges are to accept all team notebooks that are turned in at an event.

It is best if teams follow the examples given in the official VEX Robotics Engineering Notebook which is provided to all teams upon registering their first team at a school or club. The notebook also contains a list of suggestions for keeping an engineering notebook. These suggestions and examples have been given to teams to guide them in documenting their design process.

The judge’s guide includes the guidelines given to judges and the Design Rubric used to evaluate notebooks.

In general it is preferred that notebooks be bound and hand written. All pictures, CAD drawings or computer code should be pasted onto pages as they are developed. Each page should be dated and signed. Notebooks are to be student produced.