Hang Hooks

Hi everyone,

We have been working on hanging recently and with every hook that we try, we run into the same problem. The hook doesn’t lock into the pole, it just comes out. We have tried driving forwards and backwards to see if we can get it stuck in there, but it is just not happening. The few attempts that held into the pole were weak and unreliable. I understand that the goal is to get the hook somewhat deep in the pole and prevent it from coming up using basic lever logic, but we are unable to figure out how to do this. One of the hooks was the basic 15 hole thin c-channel, and though this worked a few times, most of the times it easily came out. Any advice, pics, or videos would be helpful.

Thank you.

Instead of a hook, try a “cup” or bracket that hooks over the top of the pole rather than a hook that hooks into the pole.

So you mean like putting a ring around the entire pole and then lifting?
EDIT: I mean the top of the pole but surrounding it.

Yes, much more forgiving than trying to get a hook inside the pole.

I don’t know what your setup is, but try leaning whatever high hang mechanism out from the robot. I have a 929X-style hang and I had the same problem. When I modified my brace to lean the robot outwards, it did the trick for the high hang’s hook.

Are you able to post a picture of what you mean by leaning the hook out of the robot? I do not quite understand what this means.

EDIT: I found their promote award video and their hang is a linear slide type hang. We are hanging using our arm.

Than you for your suggestion. We will try this and see how it works.