Hang in autonomous

So if you have a good fast high hang in auton that would almost win a lot of matches autons due to the 12 points, any thoughts on this?

I think that it’s a really good idea to have a fast high hang that would work in autonomous, but it won’t be enough to win most matches, since other teams will be doing that too. I would say that the priority will be just getting those objects over the fence.

If you can get your robot to move the star on the ground that is in that corner, then high hang all in the 15 seconds allotted, then yes it would be a good strategy. But as Samuel noted above, if you can do it, so will others.

What I think a good autonomous is is descoring at least 4 stars and a cube than hanging, or scoring 4 stars and a cube than hanging if you can but if you can at least descore and hang you will probably win autonomous