Hang Mechanism

Hello fellow Vex peers,

I am looking for a good hang mechanism for Over Under 23-24. Thank you.

awesome, unfortunately nobody here is going to share you a design or a cad… etc. you will be encouraged to do research and examine other robots online. It would be better to ask for help with certain aspects of your design, but the design must be your own.


Hello and welcome to the forum! I would suggest searching through the forum and other things to find what you need. Here’s a place to get started:


The best places to find an answer to your question would be to search the forum or look at YouTube for robot inspirations. I would recommend that for a start!

Alumni moment/shameless plug:


There are lots of great hang mechanisms! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m not going to give you an exact design, but i would recommend looking at different types of bar lifts. Also look at youtube and on the forum for more ideas from peoples robots. Find whatever works the best for you and your team