Hang pipe right height?

So the field is put together with the new rubber feet and the tabs cut off of the mat.
When we put the corner bracket in to hold the pipe, we screwed the pipe in with the designated screw and bracket hole.
However the pipe is 31" high and does not sit on the tile. I looked in the field appendix and believe that it should be sitting on the mat.

Am I wrong in this? I know there is a field tolerance or 1", but I want it to be right.

Bill R.

If it’s not sitting on the tile, that doesn’t seem right. There’s no way the screw in the pipe was meant to hold the weight of a robot hanging on it. It seems like the hole was just mis drilled.

Are you measuring from the ground or from the tiles?

He’s gotta be measuring from the tiles.

Yeah I am measuring from the tiles. It is strange for sure and I thought mis-drilled was most likely it. I will be back in the lab tomorrow and will measure again. Are yours touching the tiles?
Bill R.

Actually, ours have the same problem too, but we just mounted it on anyways. Surprisingly, even after multiple hanging attempts, the screw still held up and is showing no signs of breaking.