So new situation, a former alliance partner of mine had a rubber band fall off their robot before they hung. At the end of the match the officials called that no jang because of the band is it a hang or not?

Was band still touching the robot

No it wasnt it was on the other side of the field

Don’t take my word for this. If what you explain is true, I believe that call was incorrect. If it was not touching the robot, then I don’t think it would have any impact. This would be a good question possibly for the official forum to get a more secure answer in case this happens in the future.

The call was wrong. The question has already been asked on the forums. A part that falls off the robot is no longer part of the robot. So long as the detachment was not intentional, this should be an easy call.


@dbenderpt You beat me to the answer, but I gave the link. lol

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Earlier in the season our a team had a mechanism that would shoot all of their rubberbands off so they can hang but they had their rubberbands ziptied to the robot so… I think the judge was completely incorrect on his call I think he thought you did it on purpose so you can hang I think that’s is illegal if a part falls off so you can do other things… I guess it is up to him…