Hanging Aroung in Appleton, WI

ok how many other teams got royally screwed over by the unorganization and the sudden programming rules that happened there. please id like to hear your stories


Well, my team (3196) did not attend, but we did attend the one in Farmville, VA and it was horribly organized as well.

Sorry to hear that occurred. It’s understandable though as it’s the first year most of these places are running FVC tournaments.

What were the results of the tournament? And if you have any pictures, people here love pictures :slight_smile:

Please post the results so we can add them to the team list for nationals. Those that qualified.

I 'm not exactly sure who won in Framville in December, I know that Gar-Field High School (I don’t know their number) won but that’s the only team i know I would tell you the other teams, but I’m probably not right. Can anyone else who was there tell us the teams please.

My team is from Lacrosse Wi too.>_> do I know you?

Careful, careful - There were hiccups at Farmville; but… Those were the visible glitches in an event that required a huge amount of unseen planning, preparation and organization. Let’s not overlook the 99% of things that went well and only focus on the 1% that went awry.

Farmville wasn’t perfect; but it was pretty well organized by many hard-working volunteers, I’m sure next year they will build on this year’s successes and that things will go more smoothly.


The Farmville (Virginia) data has been posted already in “our” other thread.

J5 - What were the Programming Rule changes? - Blake

Over all other than a few technical questions that went unanswered and the field problems I think the event went well. The music was loud and it went a lillte late but it was pretty good.

Thats what I thought too;)