Hanging Bar

The hanging bar of our field has bent due to the weight of the robot after hanging hundreds of time. My guess is that the same has happened to other fields. When this happens, the next time you set up the field the bar in the middle will be either higher than the required height or lower than the required height. In the world competition how will you address this issue? Will you place a new bar everytime it bends? Or will teams have to take it in consideration when designing their hanging. I’m asking cause I have seen teams that barely lift from the floor and if it is bend downwards then when they lift, they will still be touching the floor, but if it is bent upwards some teams will be having trouble reaching the bar.

At the World Championship, every attempt will be made to ensure that the Hanging Bars are as close to the specified dimensions as possible. However, teams should always be mindful of <G12>, which is quoted below.

We should have no problem then… as long as it is 2" higher or lower we should be fine.

Great! Looking forward to seeing your robot at World’s.