Hanging Danger

Alright, so I like the idea of hanging and all, and I plan to do it, but it can be kind of dangerous. My concern is the other team throwing stars and cubes at you while you’re trying to hang. My robot isn’t going to like being hit by an essentially 2 pound cube while suspended in the air. I don’t know if there is a rule against it or not. If there is, I couldn’t find it. What are your thoughts? How might we counter this?

It shouldn’t be affected by a cube. Do you have the game objects yet? The cube is basically a pillow.

Stars I would be more worried about but I doubt anyone will aim well enough or want to for that matter

I would think that intentionally throwing cubes and/or stars at a hanging robot may fall under the rule that prohibits the intentional damaging of an opponents robot.

Hitting the opponent would also risk the star never touching your scoring zones since you would be aiming basically over the back of the field. If the star never touches your zones (on the other side of the fence) it gets returned to your side.

Like others have stated, it is likely a violation of G12 for intentionally causing damage or “tipping.”

There is already a question about this on the official Q&A. Keep your eye out for an official response.

So I would like to bring it up now that we are taking about dangers, and I would rather not make a new thread. What about people throwing stars that could hit your brain or a sensor or something that would to something you want it to do or worse, break something. Should but a little protection for our brain, or should we not.

I would recommend it, but depending on your setup it might interfere with the VEXNet key. It is legal to use a USB extension cable.

It is? Did they change that this year?

No, that rule was in place in NbN. I’m not sure if it was in Skyrise.

You can use an extension cable to “relocate” the Vexnet key to a safer place on the robot. Just remember, no metal within 2 inches of the logo.

If you use the cable connection clips and the retention clips on the cortex, and tie down the cables really well, I think you should be fine.