Hanging Pipe

I was wondering if the hanging pipe could be substituted by a PVC pipe you could buy at a hardware shop. Since the actual game piece is so expensive.

The hanging pipe is a Schedule 40 2" PVC pipe. OD is 2-3/8". You just won’t be able to get pipe in red or blue at local stores.

you can paint it

From a practical perspective, I think new teams or teams who don’t want to waste a lot of money can practically build the entire field objects set and save $180 (still need to buy 4 of the $80 game element kits though).

With a little bit of know-how you could probably rig up at least a semi-accurate fence, and ultimately the only thing the fence is for is for the stars to balance on at the beginning of the match. As long as the top of your fence is flat and roughly the right dimensions, you’re good to go. And, as mentioned above, generic PVC pipe will get you the hang bar. Perhaps the only thing you’ll be missing (though it’s a new product so we’ve been going without for quite a while now) is the little field elevating feet, but you could either buy a kit yourself or just go without them, not very necessary.