Hanging Robot

~Hanging – A Robot is considered to be Hanging if it is touching the Hanging Bar and not touching the floor
or the top of any Goal.

~Robot – Anything that has passed inspection that a team places on the field prior to the start of a Match.

We had a case at our last tournament where a robot split in half (part of it was constructed as a counterweight to a large claw) when it was attempting to score early in the match. The powered side of the robot finished the match in a hanging position, but since a portion (about 1/5 of it) was still on the ground in the corner, the referee ruled it wasn’t hanging. We also had a case where a motor fell off and was being dragged around the field by the cord. Again, the robot finished the match hanging, but the referee ruled that this wasn’t hanging either. As the event partner, just would like clarification that these calls were correct. And if so, if ANY major part of the robot were to fall off during the match, would we then NOT allow them to get the hanging bonus? At what point does something become a “major part”? Any clarification would be helpful for our referees. Thank you.

Provided the Robot has not violated <G10> by intentionally detaching components, a Hang would be valid regardless of any detached parts. I’ve quoted <G10> below for your reference.