Hanging Scoring in StarStruck

Can you score points for hanging at the end of autonomous? Also, can you score points for hanging at any time during the match? If you scored by hanging during autonomous, can you also score by hanging at the end of driver control?

I believe scoring works only at the end of autonomous and the match, so you can only get the points for hanging once at the end of the match. Hanging in autonomous will count towards winning autonomous, but will not be added to the final score.

mwang17, that’s the way I would see it interpreted. You win the 4 points if you win autonomous, but have to erase any points scored on the climbing post because you have to come down and play the game. Unless the rules allow you to stay there and not come down. Do you have to re climb the pole at the end of driver mode to get the 12 or 4 points?

I would think so, theres nothing in the rules that clarify you cant do any of this. and that you cant re-climb the pole

it hasnt been clear yet whether or not you must hang at the last 30 seconds of the match like NBN, but i would imagine that in order to get the points for hanging you would have to remain hanging, thus hanging in autonomous would get you the points but you would loose the points as soon as you stopped the high hang.

Thats what I believe

OK that’s what I thought