Hanging, Will it be worth it?

So I was thinking about the game this year and wondering, is a hang worth it? Well of corse it is, at the start of the season. This years game is much different than NBN, there is not a limited amount of objects on the field. Three cubes equals a high hang, so at the end of the season two bots could definitely score three boxes in that time, that is if the time that it takes to hang is too long. So what is the amount of time it that it should take to hang to make it worth it? My guess is 5 secs. or less for a high hang to be worth it.

Yes, one of the top points will be about 30-50 in regionals so 12 points pls a possible 4 point bonus for auton. is 1/2-1/4 of the score.

Ya, if you are thinking only about the scores, in the time it takes to hang, unless you are very quick, the other alliance could have scored three cubes. Like I said, this game is much different than NBN where the elevation added, It could not add at all.

What do you mean by 5 seconds? The time it takes to lift is affected by how long it takes to line up with the pole, how long it takes to actually lift, where you are coming from(how fast your robot is), and what stuff is in your way. In nbn 974x and 118 could both “lift” their robots in <1s but it often took 10 seconds or more to line up and get the robots positioned.

Lifting will be very important due to it being a large proportion of all scoring. Also, you leave an alliance partner to play the game too, so its 2v1, not 2v0 at the end(unless you do some wierd partner lift).

Also, what do you mean by “bats”? Bots?

Hanging with a cube makes it a net 16 point gain for an alliance. I believe our initial (please correct me if I’m wrong) max total score possible for an alliance was 80 so its 20% net of an alliances max. I would say having to clear the corner of jacks and being able to hang will become big during elims. Our team ranked it third as a priority behind tossing the jacks and cubes high over the fence and having a big autonomous. I would think it would almost win you many early tournaments and being able to do it efficiently will be the key in many state/national/world events.

Sorry, I am meaning the total time taken away from scoring (I.e. lining up, attaching, and lifting. Yes, I agree that hanging is worth it, but what is that amount of time to make it worth it? Yes I did mean bots.

I agree with 5 seconds or less. You will not have time to respond to the last second shooting, so why not hang?

You could descore the 3 or 4 cubes from your side from 4 pt to 2pt area. That would decrease the opponents score from 12 or 16 pts down to 6 to 8 pts and then go high hang for 12 pts and beat the cubes points.
The problem is going to be maneuvering around all the stars and cubes to get to the pole. Your not going to be fast in your area if your opponent just dumped 10 stars in autonomous on your side.

What about targeting cubes and stars into the corner with the post to make it harder for enemies to reach the post, or throwing stars at a robot attempting to hang?

Keep in mind that a cube can be as much as a 8 point differential because when you score, you are also descoring. In 5 second good robots should be able to easily score a couple stars and/or cubes to make up 12 points. For it to be worth it to hang at the end of the match I think you will have to be 2-3 seconds or less. In autonomous you could be slower and it still be worth it because a high hang would greatly help your APs

Because this is a back and forth game, at equal levels the score will often be the same on both sides, so it will be pretty much necessary so that you don’t get beaten.
Also APs, Your going to want to win autonomous every time.

This is a very scary truth, pneumatic lifts may become very important.

Considering how little points there are at your disposal in this year’s game, twelve points make a big difference.

Yes 12 points is huge

In my opinion, at the highest level, meaning robots who can score cubes really fast, hanging will only be worth it if you can do it faster than they overwhelm you with cubes. And you have to have more cubes on their side than yours

Do you mean pneumatic lifts for scoring or hanging?


This was what I was thinking.

High Hanging in early season will most likely win most matches almost by itself

I believe hanging will only be a benefit if you are paired with a robot that can keep up with the robots throwing stars over.