Happy Birthday Karthik!!!

Happy birthday Mr. Karthik Kanagasabapathy!

You’ve certainly contributed to VEX Robotics Competition more than anyone else did. Thanks for being the leader of this awesome community. Enjoy your birthday party and weekend!!!

Everybody seeing this, comment below and show our love for Karthik!!!

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Happy birthday! Thanks for all you do!

Happy birthday Karthik!

We all appreciate all of the effort you put into the Vex program to make everything great!

Oh! Happy Birthday Karthik!

What an honor it is to share a birthday with someone who is important to the Vex community.

Fun facts: Disneyland opened on this day in 1955 and iCalendar was also created today and is commemorated by the emoji of the calendar saying Jul 17. :date:

Enjoy a great day, Karthik - many more!:smiley:

Happy Birthday Karthick!

Happy Birthday Karthik!

Happy B-Day, we appreciate all that you do in the VEX community. Thanks!!

Happy Birthday!

What a guy !

Happy Birthday.


Indeed; thank you so, so much Karthik, for this amazing program, community, educational opportunity, and pastime! Vex owes more to you than to anyone else in the world. Again, thank you!

Happy Birthday Karthik! Hope you have a good one:)

Well I’m late, but happy birthday Karthik! Keep on doing what you’re doing, because you always seem to do it just right!

I wish I had looked at this post earlier in the forums but i want to thank you for bringing robotics to all of us. You have helped Vex expand so much and that is amazing. Happy late birthday!!!

Happy belated Karthik :cool:

Happy Birthday Karthik!

Thank you everyone for the thoughtful birthday wishes. :slight_smile:

I have to respectfully disagree with you on this one. I am just a small part of the VEX Robotics Competition. The true backbone of the VEX Robotics Competition are my colleagues here at VEX and of course the dedicated of the Robotics Education & Competition Foundation. Not to mention the thousands of volunteers from around the world who help put on our events.

I’m happy to be a small cog in a very well oiled machine.