Happy holidays

Happy holidays from Robot Mesh.

Feels appropriate. Merry Christmas.

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repost from a few years ago.

A new one for 2018


no source code???

Now I am going to spend the next 24 hours reverse engineering and porting it to my favorite development environment!!!

Happy holidays to all!

The problem is that it uses an API that’s not public because the VCS team hasn’t released a new version with an updated sdk. So the source is not that useful. It also uses a sequence of 240 png images stored on the SD card that I just pulled from a fireplace movie off the internet. It’s pretty simple code. Read all images into large memory buffer, then in a loop, display next frame (this decodes the png image to the display, that’s the missing API) add the scrolling text, call render so there’s no flicker.

I guess that will suffice until the VCS release.

Enjoy the break!