Happy New Year

Happy New year from New Zealand everybody. Start the countdown to worlds looking forward to seeing everybody there :slight_smile:

Happy New Year everyone! :smiley: (Oops, two hours late, got carried away with some skyrim :rolleyes:)

May the New Year bring you straight axles, strong internal motor gears and hopefully some awesome competition!!!

I was going to celebrate the new year, but then…

Happy New Year to all!

I used to celebrate New Years…until I took an arrow to the knee
lol, jk
Have a very, safe, blessed New Year everyone!
Be smart tonight.

And from myself, A Happy New Year to all VEX participants as well!

Woah… wait a minute… i thought the last day of the year was 4/21/12???

And from my timezone, happy new year!!

Happy newyears