Happy New Year

2013 at last. Hope you have a great year!

And to you also Chris.

Thanks for all your assistance over the last year to “The boys from the bush” . We would not have achieved what we did last year without the support structure and encouragement of Kiwibots. Also, the volunteers in Auckland have been awesome. We would not have gone to Worlds without some gentle arm twisting and then great help from Andrew Chen (AURA). I will never forget get clapped onto the team bus by the other teams after Worlds (maybe it was a slow clap because we were late? :smiley: )

All your efforts are very much appreciated, Paul

still 2012 here :confused: we will join you in the future soon.

Agreed, only a few more hours, and the flux capacitator should be operational.

7 more hours to go! Quick Chris, whats the future like? Do we get extra long metal to go across the 18" diagonal? Are VEX IR sensors available? Does RobotC get function pointers? Do IME’s work all the time?


We all know that is never going to happen.

Guess I’ve been living in the future, they always work for me.

Happy new year everyone.


Your robots don’t drive off and try to behead you?

I’ve had this experience :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy New Year All!!!


First post of the new year!

Our coach has had this problem multiple times.