Happy New Year

I Just wanted to wish everyone on the forum a happy new year. :smiley:
In the year of 2016, may all of you driver control loads be scored, and all your lifts be high.

You too!

Side question: What are your Vexolutions (vex resolutions) for the new year?

My resolution (or at least attempt) will be to start to become a major threat in my region when it comes to scoring. But isn’t that all of our goals?

Of course haha

Ours is to finish 1st in qualifications. We always finish 2nd (never 1st) and it really has gotten on our nerves lol

I finished top seeded at the first competition that I attended as a captain, but I lost in the finals and haven’t been able to do very well since, so I guess that my goal is really to be good enough to be picked by a high seeded team.

Happy new year y’all!

My VEXolution this year is to write the auton ~before~ the competition.

1920 * 1080

That took me a second to figure out.
Your word play game is on point =) You’re almost as bad as my math teacher (the attached picture is one that he had on our class page). I’m glad to hear that you use a 1080p monitor for Vex, rather than 240p or something.
My VEXolution is to actually record what we do during meetings in our engineering notebook (what a novel idea, who does that anyway?)

I need a selfie with Karthik–now that I don’t have a potatocam :slight_smile:

that picture tho

Start keeping a proper notebook
Go to worlds

These would probably be a lot of other people’s as well.

Happy New Year!

Mine would be to use less Keps nuts. :wink:


Yep, it would be a dream if keps nuts did not fall off :slight_smile: .

No idea. Our engineering notebook is usually a frantic description of the robot thrown together on the drive to the competition, if that.

I’m adding this to my VEXolution list.

As a team, we need to stop saying “good enough” and strive for perfection. Sure, we won’t reach it, but CLICHE ALERT you will always land short of where you aim, so aim as high as possible.

Aiming for “good enough” becomes “not good enough” at a competition. Aiming for perfection becomes “good enough” at a competition.

Last year we aimed for perfection (as a rookie team), and ended up taking apart our almost working scissor lift to build an RD4B. A week before the state competition. Needless to say, we did not perform well at state.

This year we all agreed to set realistic goals. Next year, though, we’ll try for perfection.

When I say you should aim for perfection, I don’t mean necessarily in WHAT you build, only how you build it and what degree of functionality it performs at.

Ah. In that case, yes, always try for perfection in build quality.

Happy new year!
My VEXolution is to get more organized and to carry a USB cable and ear buds. Also, to qualify for states. Oh, and make it snow. Somehow.

My team wants me to do this to… AND THEN GIVES ME 1 HOUR!!! Anyhow I also want to be the best field bot in the state, surprisingly doable as all the “veteran” teams went DCL mode…