Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Have a good one!!
We’re thankful for sturdy shaft collars and RobotC. What about y’all?

Anything to do with vex, because without vex I would probably play video games way too much like most teenagers. Also, I’m thankful for being able to know Martin Ma, as he has inspired my team to try to be the best in our state, though we are not quite there yet :stuck_out_tongue:

VEX is incredible, and I am also thankful that my team is sponsored by Brooks Automation.
The fact that I can do something that I am so passionate about (and is also fairly expensive) for free is amazing.

I am thankful for RobotC, because without it we would be stuck dragging code blocks and having simple autons. I am also very thankful for Vex itself because of previously stated reasons.

Thank you all IFI and RECF personnel for Vex robotics

I’m also glad for the sturdy ones. It’s just to bad that the majority of ours aren’t :stuck_out_tongue:

I am thankful to the VEX program and RobotC. Also, the food and the TV :wink:

I’m not thankful to Thanksgiving break reading assignments, though :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m thankful for all the great VEX competitors I’ve met over the years and for PROS and Convex. Thank you Purdue folks for putting so much time into that project, and thank you James Pearman for devoting your time to this community!

I’m also thankful that the Chit-Chat/Rumor Mill forum now shows up on the main page

Happy thanksgiving
I am grateful for zip ties and rubber bands!

I’m thankful for my advisors and my teammate. :wink:

I’m also thankful for my standoffs, which are always there to keep me together. Literally and figuratively. :smiley:

Maybe not feeling so great about mid-terms right after break, though…

I think I’m the most thankful for this! I love Chit-Chat/Rumor Mill :smiley:

Awww I’m thankful for my teammate too :wink:

I’m thankful for VEX in general; it keeps me interested in STEM and prevents me from playing stupid video games. I’m also thankful for Karthik, who is so devoted to us on the forums and makes VEX interesting by developing a new game each year. Thanks Karthik!

I’m thankful for vexforum. It allows me go collabrate with other people halfway around the world and ask people questions. I’m also very thankful for robotc and vex. Finally I’m thankful for our sponsors such as black ans decker. They allow our team to be able to perform and fuction without really having to worry about price. I’m thankful for everything because all of us on this forum have it better than a lot of other people.

For Dank Memes and elastic bands

I’m thankful for many things but especially the students who hang out on vexforum.

and I could’t resist this.


I think we’re all thankful for you. :slight_smile:

I love how many people said they are thankful for ROBOTC. :slight_smile:

I am thankful for James. Still has taught me more about programming than everyone else (including multiple college courses in programming) combined.

Here is a word cloud of what we all said we’re thankful for:

Add dremels. Without them we would be using hack saws and wasting time.